Much has changed during the past year and a half. We have built modern commercial greenhouses on 16 hectares and are also actively focusing on further professionalization of the company. This has resulted in a completely new corporate style, website and name.


As of 1 January 2018, both companies operate under the same name: Wim Peters Kwekerijen. The two sites are identified by the street name: the Hoge Akkerweg 10 site and the Wagenmaker 10 site.


The Wagenmaker 10 site is purely a production location. Tomatoes are produced and packed at the Hoge Akkerweg 10 site, and a new head office building has been constructed here.


The invoicing procedure remains the same. As in the past, please address invoices to Vivaio Peters B.V. (Hoge Akkerweg 10 site) and Kwekerij Wim Peters B.V. (Wagenmaker 10 site). The invoices can be sent by email to the same email addresses you have used in the past: and


We hope that this information is sufficient for your needs. If you have any questions, please contact Angelique van Eijk or Annemieke Donkers, telephone number +31 493 470405.