Wim Peters Kwekerijen is an innovative and independent greenhouse horticulture business that produces, packs and sells tomatoes in domestic and national markets from a site covering more than 16 hectares in Someren (North Brabant, The Netherlands).


The strategy of Wim Peters Kwekerijen is to grow, pack and sell tomatoes in domestic and international markets in the most sustainable and innovative manner possible in order to satisfy customers’ needs. Quality and long-standing and honest relationships play a central role in achieving this objective.


At Wim Peters Kwekerijen, we strongly believe that everybody should feel involved in the business. This applies to student workers, management, and even the final customer.


Quality is always of the first priority at Wim Peters Kwekerijen. We aim to achieve 100% quality in our crops and products. In addition, our services, business operations, sales and internal and external relations are characterised by excellent quality.


At Wim Peters Kwekerijen, we are committed to delivering quality, keeping our promises and delivering on time.


Wim Peters Kwekerijen plays fair in all areas. It acts honestly, fairly and decently in its relationships with staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Everything we do Wim Peters Kwekerijen focuses on the customer. This means that customers and suppliers are always given the service they need and we never needlessly say ‘no’.


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