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Customer-oriented and customized

As of January 1, 2022, Wim Peters Nurseries has taken the sale of tomatoes into its own hands. This was a logical step in the development of the company, which wants to seize more opportunities and produce in a customer-oriented way.

We work virtually demand-driven. Moreover, we work on long-term and honest relationships with our (inter)national customers, in which the quality of our products is central.


Different types and sizes

Growing on demand

Wim Peters finds it important to build long-term relationships and thinks along with the wishes and needs of clients. On request and from a good relationship with the customer, the company wants to grow exclusive distinctive products.


Excellent fresh-sweet taste and high lycopene content.

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Cherry vine

This tomato is deep red in colour, has a delicious flavour and presents itself beautifully.

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Coeur de Boeuf

The tomato is characterised by its heartlike and strongly fluted shape.

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San Marzano

The tomato has a firm and meaty flesh and relatively low moisture content.

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Peters Packing

Sales and packaging

As a leading company in the agricultural sector, Wim Peters Nurseries has its own packing hall. With passion for quality and presentation, we play an essential role in the fresh appearance of our packaged product.

Fresh from the greenhouses we package in our packing hall.


A proprietary product line with concern for quality and appearance.


Large and small packaging to customer specifications.


A group of colleagues passionately care for packaged tomatoes.


bowls packed in 2023

wim peters nurseries-coeurdeboeuf-hettomato hut
wim peters nurseries-coeurdeboeuf-hettomato hut
wim peters nurseries-coeurdeboeuf-hettomato hut

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Eric Bernards
Sales Support
My favorite tomato is the plum tomato. A delicious firm tomato for a good base.
Lisa Peters
Marketing, Communications & HR
Each fruit of the Coeur de Boeuf is unique. This looks great in the greenhouse, which is why this tomato is my favorite!
Maurice Langeslag
Commercial Manager
Unique to the Umami troscherry tomato are its versatile applicability and inherent sweet taste
Nikki Peters
Marketing & Communications
San Marzano: perfect look, taste and presentation in our boxes! Therefore my favorite.

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