P R E S S  R E L E A S E

Someren, September 27th 2021

Wim Peters Kwekerijen leaves ZON and starts own sales

As of January 1st 2022, Wim Peters Kwekerijen in Someren will start selling its own tomatoes. This is a logical step in the development of the company. Wim Peters is customer minded and wants to grab more opportunities. The sales will be under supervision of Maurice Langeslag. Lisa Peters will support him in the field of marketing.

Maurice Langeslag is fulfilling his role as Commercial Manager at Wim Peters Kwekerijen as of September 2021. Under his leadership, the company will organize its own sales. Langeslag has a long history in the field. He was Account Manager for tomatoes at ZON Fruit & Vegetables during the period 2011-2016. After that he worked as a Sales Manager for STC International B.V.

A new step
By taking this step, the partnership with ZON will come to an end. Wim Peters was a member of ZON since he settled in Someren. “We are ready for the next step”, says Wim Peters. “With this step, we want to be independent, grab more opportunities and produce even more customer driven as we already do. We want to shorten the chain and be more decisive by focussing on our product and organization.”

Marketing strategy
It wasn’t a decision that was taken overnight. On June 23rd 2016, the company was completely destroyed by a hailstorm. All greenhouses were gone. In the year that followed a new strategy was formulated and the company renewed its structure. As a result Peters returned in 2017 with brand-new greenhouses with LED lighting, fully focused on sustainable and innovative cultivation. As from that moment Wim Peters grows a wider range of tomato crops and established partnerships with foreign growers and their trading partners. Last year Wim Peters Kwekerijen doubled its size from 16 to 31 hectares with the acquisition of Greenco Productions and De Driemaster in Someren.

“We now work almost fully demand-driven. We aim for long-term and honest relationships with our (inter)national customers. In all of our relationships the quality of our product is our main focus. Our organization is ready for the next step. A step in which we take responsibility for our own sales.”

The Taste of Tradition
Wim Peters Kwekerijen has a long family tradition. Wim is the third generation of the Peters family that grows tomatoes. The fourth generation is already involved, including daughter Lisa. With the slogan ‘The Taste of Tradition’ the company carries its own brands, such as the Cherry Vine tomato ‘Umami’, the Coeur de Boeuf tomato ‘Autenta’ and Plum Tomatoes ‘Roma’. On request and based on a good relationship the company grows exclusive and distinctive products.


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