P R E S S  R E L E A S E

Someren,  April 3 2020

Wim Peters Kwekerijen takes over Greenco Someren

After several months of preparation Wim Peters Kwekerijen takes over Greenco Productions and The Driemaster in Someren from Greenco. This doubles the size of the company. “The takeover is a result of an increased demand for our tomatoes,” explains Wim Peters. “This step is in line with our vision for the future.”

 With the takeover Wim Peters Kwekerijen doubles in area from 16 to 31 hectares. The locations are just steps away from each other in Someren. A few months ago, both companies started an exploration, resulting in a takeover as of April 1, 2020.

On June 23, 2016 the companies of Peters and Greenco were hit hard by a hail storm, causing production to completely stagnate for a year. For the family business of Wim Peters, that has been growing tomatoes for more than a hundred years, this was a good time to formulate new strategic goals and develop a new organizational structure. This enabled Peters to return in 2017, with a modern company and equipment which is fully focused on a sustainable and innovative cultivation method.

Peters changed his sales strategy in that year. He established contacts with foreign growers and their trading partners. Peters: “Many customers were eager to do business with us because of our sustainable cultivation, so there was an opportunity. We have opted for a wider range of tomatoes and our sales is almost completely demand-driven.” This strategy turned out to work. The increasing demand was partly the reason for the takeover.

Peters: “It is a difficult time to announce the takeover, due to the major impact of the corona crisis. That is why I deliver this message with pride, but also with appropriate modesty. The most important thing of course is the health of the people around us. For the future, we want to continue our vision to grow, pack and sell sustainable and innovative tomatoes to our (inter) national customers. We contribute to the needs of our customers, where quality, long-term and honest relationships are central.”

The existing crops of Greenco Productions and The Driemaster are purchased by Greenco. Subsequent crops are completed on a demand-driven basis. Wim Peters thanks Flynth advisors and accountants for their expertise. Rabobank Peelland Zuid finances the company. Wim Peters Kwekerijen is a member of Royal ZON Fruit & Vegetables.