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Energy and Environment

The Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector is already a leader in sustainability compared to greenhouse horticulture elsewhere in the world

Wim Peters


The Netherlands is traditionally expert in managing water. We have elevated (rapid) drainage and disposal of water to an art.

Wim Peters


Our tomato cultivation activity is a natural process founded on the principles of Mother Nature.

Wim Peters

Residual streams

This pillar is an area of our industry that does not get the attention it deserves. Large volumes of unusable tomatoes are disposed of each year.

Wim Peters

The local community

We seek a good balance between the recreational value of the area and its value to us as entrepreneurs.

Wim Peters


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals to make the world a better place by 2030.

Converting waste streams into high-quality products is our goal!

A flavoursome


At Wim Peters Kwekerijen we focus with pride on the future, a future with care for nature and society around us.

We want to differentiate ourselves in the market by moving progressively towards fossil-free cultivation. We are going to work with nature to increase biodiversity and continue to seek ways of using water even more sustainably. We fully embrace our responsibility for exploiting the inherent value of our waste streams. We are also aware of our impact on the local community. As a result, local initiatives relating to education and healthy nutrition will occupy an even higher position on the agenda. In our opinion, this is the only way to safeguard our fine family tradition for future generations.

We strongly believe in continuing to do what we do best: growing delicious tomatoes. While we do not rule out further increases in scale, we will never compromise our tradition and culture to achieve this. We refuse to be pressurised into growing the business, and will only expand when we are ready to do so. Maintaining control over our own sales is a crucial aspect here.

Finally, we focus actively on following innovations in greenhouse horticulture. It is the progressive nature of this sector that makes us a leader in global markets.

The Future of Tradition.

wim peters nurseries - future of tradition - San Marzano

Green heroes

The Future of Tradition

Nikki Peters
Marketing & Communications
San Marzano: perfect look, taste and presentation in our boxes! Therefore my favorite.
Joost van Asten
Cultivation Specialist
The mini cherry vine tomato provides many challenges for the grower, characterized by its deep red appearance and sweet taste!
Roel Steijvers
Biology Specialist
Research shows that the color yellow makes us happier. That's why the yellow cherry vine is my favorite tomato!
Nick Greijmans
Financial Manager
The mini cherry vine tomato is my favorite: Delicious for breakfast with toast, goat cheese and olive oil!
Willy Nijssen
Biology Specialist
My favorite is the Umami troscherry. It's a challenging variety to get everything right. And also the tastiest!
Rob Reinders
Cultivation Specialist
The San Marzano fruit undergoes a special metamorphosis that grows into a versatile topper in sauces.
Lisa Peters
Marketing, Communications & HR
Each fruit of the Coeur de Boeuf is unique. This looks great in the greenhouse, which is why this tomato is my favorite!
Angelique van Eijk
Adminstrative Assistant
The mini cherry vine tomato is a delicious snack for between meals with a firm bite and therefore my favorite.