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Bennie Wijnen
P&O Employee
My favorite is the flavored vine tomato! A true all-rounder, very flavorful and the tomato presents itself beautifully on the vine.
Niels Roijakkers
Cultivation Specialist
The mini cherry vine tomato is the tastiest and gives me the most challenge to grow the best quality year-round.
Kamila van Bussel
Employee P&O
The bunch of cherry is my favorite, juicy with a sweet taste. Like candy and delicious as a healthy snack for the kids.
Joost van Asten
Cultivation Specialist
The mini cherry vine tomato provides many challenges for the grower, characterized by its deep red appearance and sweet taste!
Martijn Bouwmans
Team Leader Labor
The San Marzano is my favorite! The distinct shape & delicious taste. When the product is in the box it is a beautiful sight.
Annemieke Donkers
Employee P&O
My preference is the mini cherry vine tomato. A delicious little tomato that you can easily eat without mess.
Jason Zwinkels
Team Leader Labor
My favorite tomato is the mini cherry vine tomato. A delicious healthy snack to eat out of hand.
Nick Greijmans
Financial Manager
The mini cherry vine tomato is my favorite: Delicious for breakfast with toast, goat cheese and olive oil!
Piet van der Weijst
The San Marzano tomato is my favorite! Processed as a pasta or pizza sauce, this tomato is the most delicious of all
Tom Peters
Operational Support
I am a fan of the flavored straw tomato. It is a versatile tomato because of its juicy and sweet taste
Maurice Langeslag
Commercial Manager
Unique to the Umami troscherry tomato are its versatile applicability and inherent sweet taste
Wim Peters
The plum tomato remains my favorite. In the early years, we grew it on a large scale and has nice challenges.